Scunthorpe Festival of Christmas Trees

Scunthorpe Festival of Christmas Trees

The Spiral


Tree description

I made this spiral from a willow base and a green & berry wire wrap, added the lights and then hung it up from a bar across the plate rack in the corner…that was 25 years ago and nearly every year since its hung in the same place. The lights and deco has varied but its now a tradition though normally not put up till after my birthday a week before Christmas.

My favourite memory is of my 90 year old mum who was disabled sleeping on my sofa and not letting me turn the lights out so she could look at it in the night.

There are reindeer, angels and two glass baubles shaped like Airedales in memory of my two dogs. Hand made glass from Canada from my husbands tree and one from my childhood circa 1960s , memories and fun. Hope you enjoy.

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Pleasurable Painting groups, Caistor, Cleethorpes and Zoomers


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  1. Margaret Doherty

    I love this!

    • Mags

      Thank you it’s a pleasure. I dare not put it up now as so many friends like it and under normal circumstances would come and join us for jan 1st footing . Not this year though only through the window .

    • SUsan Hollingworth

      Very artistic Mags

  2. Dorothy McKillop

    Loved the Mags Bradley Good tree especially!!


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