Scunthorpe Festival of Christmas Trees

Scunthorpe Festival of Christmas Trees

Enter your Christmas tree – Step 2.

Send us photos/videos of your tree

Now that you’ve successfully sent us information about your tree, it’s time for you to send us some photos and, if applicable, videos of it. This is a straightforward process using the simple form below. Please read the following instructions depending on which device you’re using.

⚠️ Important note: You only get one opportunity to attach photos/videos through the form below so if you want to send us more than one you MUST select ALL of them, BEFORE continuing to send them to us.

By computer/laptop

You can drag and drop all the images and videos of your tree in to the uploader below.  Alternatively you can click “Select files from your computer”. You can select multiple files by holding onto ‘Ctrl’ on your PC keyboard (or ‘cmd’ on a Mac) and clicking each one.

By phone/tablet

Below, tap “Select files from your computer” which will open your device’s media picker. Remember, to send us more than one photo/video you MUST select all the ones you want at this stage. Usually, this is done by tapping and holding on a photo/video which then allows you to select more than one.


When your photo(s) / video(s) have finished uploading, you should get a message in the form above to say your files have been successfully uploaded. We’ll then be notified and once moderated, will add your submission to the site.

Thank you so much for entering you tree into this year’s festival. You do not need to do anything else and we will be in touch with you when your tree is live.

Technical support

If you experience problems with your submission, you can call 01652 638290 or email for support.