Scunthorpe Festival of Christmas Trees

Scunthorpe Festival of Christmas Trees

a virtual performance of ‘Looking For A Stable’

‘Looking for a Stable’ is a specially commissioned song for the Scunthorpe Festival of Christmas Trees and was created by Ian Macmillan and Luke Carver Goss.

A message from Ian MacMillan

Watch the world exclusive premiere

Over 60 people entered the virtual choir and our editors have cleverly pulled together all those performances into one piece.

Available from Saturday 5th December at 2:30pm – the premiere of the virtual performance of ‘Looking for a Stable’.

We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone on behalf of the Rotary Club of Scunthorpe and Lindsey Lodge Hospice for taking the time, the trouble and the effort to record your part. We know how much effort it takes to record a song. 

Original premiere at the 2017 Festival


  1. Caroline young

    That was absolutely beautiful. Thankyou. X🥰

    • Jo davey

      Beautiful just beautiful!!!!
      Just listen to it.♥️

  2. Patricia Smith

    Beautiful song beautifully sung. Thankyou so much for the joy it brings. God Bless.

  3. Richard Clark

    That was wonderful – made my day! Congratulations to everyone involved.

    • John cooper

      We really enjoyed listening to the Carol.Well done everyone.

  4. Margaret Doherty

    That sounded great!Think it should be sent to Look North!

    • Clare Gooing

      Fantastic! Beautiful singing from all.

  5. Susan Leaning

    That was lovely, thank you. Merry Christmas to everyone involved.

  6. Fran Ross

    Well done that was beautiful

  7. Marie Doonan

    Well done everyone the singing was fantastic I have listened to it several times. Happy Christmas everyone.

  8. Beryl GODDARD

    That was beautiful thank you so very much from a Frontline Worker cheered me up no end thank you. Merry Christmas to you all

  9. Jan

    Really lovely. Thank you for doing it.

  10. Sarah Colquhoun

    Really lovely! Well done!

  11. Susan Hollingworth

    Very many thanks to the 62 singers who took the time to sing their part. .. not an easy thing to do.
    We are very grateful to you all. You are getting so many hits on the website.

  12. Helen Harrison

    Well done everyone.


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